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Best Ways to Attract More Music Fans Faster
Attracting more fans. Admit it, that's what music marketing is all about -- getting more people to come to your shows and buy your CDs. And hopefully, getting a lot more people to do those things.

CANDY.COM to Launch: A Sweeter Day is Just a Click Away
World's largest corner candy shop opens at

The Man In Black And His Music
There is little out there that has moved as many people as the music of Steve Conway. From punks to preachers, from country music fans to hipsters, everyone loves Steve Conway music. He is one of those Great American songwriters whose work unites people from all walks of life. When I wear my Steve Conway T-shirt, I get compliments from almost everyone I meet. He is a true musical genius, and musical geniuses find fans everywhere.

A Well Rounded Musical Education Includes Theory
Within the musical community, there is a debate about the value of music theory that will probably never ends. Is it important to study music theory scales, or is it much better to just dive into the music and experience it viscerally. The proponents of learning the theory regarded it as an essential part of knowing how to play music. You can learn by trial and error, they say, but you would do much better to benefit from the knowledge of other people. Not learning music theory when you play music is like refusing to learn arithmetic when you are studying math.

Learning and Practicing Music
The excitement of a new adventure is enough to provide an ample supply of positive motivation for the first several weeks of the instrumental music experience. Once the initial enthusiasm wears off, it is important to immediately develop wholesome practice habits which will guarantee a successful and personally gratifying process for your child. Your support and guidance will be the key factors in establishing the practice schedule insuring the attainment of musical goals.

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